[Couples] Ashlyn + Doug

They wandered the oceanside town, taking in a part of the island they had yet to explore.  Sophisticated and poised, brim of her hat perfectly curving above her piercing eyes, she sat her hand atop her head, preventing the straw shade from rolling with the breeze.  A brilliant smile burst across her face leaving her bent over in laughter only the way he could.  A ridiculous dance.  An unspeakable hand jester.  A simple child-like and entertaining sticking out of the tongue.  Whenever Ashlyn smiled, Doug was the cause.  Side by side they strolled the streets of Lanikai, Doug making jokes like only those Canadians can ;) and Ashlyn looking stunning without even trying one iota, hand-in-hand, proud to call one another husband and wife.  [and they rode off in their red tourist convertible into the sunset....]  ;) Traveling from Toronto to shoot a wedding on O'ahu Ashlyn and Doug celebrated their anniversary by spending a few extra days soaking up the sun, swimming with dolphins and sharks (ack!), trying out garlic shrimp and scheduling a shoot while in town!  I absolutely love meeting other photographers, especially ones who are internet friends, and getting them in front of my camera is not only exciting (they're in my target market, yall!) but equally petrifying.  Ha!  But despite all the nerves of working with someone within your profession, it's cool to be able to offer someone a service that is often a luxury to them--give them a chance to get out from behind the camera and show them exactly how dang gorgeous and entertaining and lively they are.  It's rewarding--and humbling, and I am grateful to work with and meet the people that I do.  Especially when they are as good lookin' as these two.  And did I say funny?  'Cause they are funny.


I took some film shots but haven't gotten them back yet.  These are all digital.