[Couples] Christy & Wes | Lanikai, O'ahu Hawai'i

One of my favorite things about photography is the opportunity for this social butterfly to meet and engage with new people, especially other creatives.  I LOVE MAKING FRIENDS!  My primary school report card conduct grade says so.  But when it comes to sessions, one thing is for sure, getting another photographer in front of your camera can potentially be petrifying--especially when it is one as beautiful and talented as Christy Janeczko Prince!  THE PRESSURE IS ON!  Lucky for me she and her husband Wes were as sweet and carefree as can be, keeping me giggling and entertained throughout our session during their visit from Wisconsin.  Enjoying some calm in between Christy's photography season, they decided to vacation  to the islands to enjoy some much deserved time together as they prepare for an eventful upcoming year!  They chose the small town of Lanikai for our shoot for it's beautiful beaches and quaint charm, a part of the island they have always enjoyed--and of course I die over the bougainvillea and the light there, DIE! Christy & Wes-- ya'll are naturals.  NATURALS I say!  Genuinely relaxed around one another and making silly cat jokes, Christy, Wes just makes you glow--and it's not just that pretty light we both love, either!.  It was an honor to have met you (shout out for Christy and I connecting via Creative Live!), talk shop, and photograph you during an awesome venture together.  Thanks for letting me be apart--and for not telling me there were naked bystanders looming until after the fact.  ;)  HA!  I wish you two the absolute best!



Christy's sweet mother joined them on their vacation and came along to the session.  Of course when they all joked about her funny face making tendency for photos, I had to grab a few images of her, just to prove them wrong!  Just beautifulness I see here!