[Couples] Diana + James

I first met Big Island boy James for coffee a little over a year ago to talk story about photography and possibly make a new friend on the island. At a tiny Starbucks table we chatted for seemingly hours about everything from shooting weddings and marketing on O'ahu to the mutual people we may have known (turns out he knows EVERYONE!). It was then he shared that it was actually his girlfriend, Diana, who had encouraged him to connect with others in the industry. Curious if weddings were something he wanted to jump into ( they were--and he is nothing short of fabulous at photographing them), James began coming along on events and shoots, eagerly lending a helping hand and consistently being a bright and uplifting presence on wedding days, never once hesitant to sling my pink camera bag over his shoulder. The man manages a family shot list like nobody's biznass! Super outgoing, hardworking and ridiculously friendly with a gigantic laugh that lights up a room, it's always a treat when James is available for an afternoon. Often we find ourselves sticking around after to talk shop, for him to fill me in on his latest marathon/triathlon training (he practically does one every month!) and to chat it up about his girlfriend Diana...who's existence I quite frankly began to question as I always heard about but never had the pleasure of meeting this busy beauty, until this month. Diana, OH Diana!  No offense James, you're a great guy and all but I sure do LOVE your girlfriend who is, in fact, real...with the best friggin' hair. Charming and sweet with the prettiest gleaming smile over a shoyu chicken plate lunch I realized the stunning Diana is happily the brains behind it all. An strong believer in her man, she encourages James to live his dreams out loud, finds ways to help him grow, sometimes holds his light reflectors and endlessly supports his every step of the way. Even his maddening marathon obsessions. Yesterday they celebrated their six year dating anniversary and with that I am genuinely honored and humbled to say not only do I value and appreciate James and every ounce of generosity of his time schlepping bags and saving the day with bug spray but I simply adore his beloved Diana. Thank you both for all that you do, the aloha spirit you've shown, and for being your entirely too cute selves in front of my camera--at sunrise none-the-less. I do not, however, thank you for the box of Big Island cookies that I individually unwrapped and ate all within a day.  xo

Shot on film  |  Contax 645 + Portra 400 + 800  |  Developed at RPL

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