[Couples] Leslie & Ben | Ko'Olina, O'ahu

"So what do ya'll do together for fun over in Oklahoma?" "Karaoke!  We loveeee Karaoke.  Ben's go-to crowd pleaser is 'there ain't nothin' wrong with the ra-di-o" she chimed with a slight leftover texan twang, grinning over at Ben as they started to belt the country song's separate verses in unison.  "I usually start off country, then end with a little Ace of Base", Leslie proclaimed matter-of-factly.

It was the day before their destination wedding at the Marriott Beach Club at Ko'Olina and Leslie and Ben were as calm and laid-back as their celebration was planned to be, sipping on a mai-tai and longboard beer, playfully bantering back and fourth and making me double over in laughter with quick wit and cheesy one-liners (did I say cheesy?  I mean hilarrriousssss).  Along with 11 of their family members, Leslie and Ben both escaped the icy winter of their small hometown to O'ahu, their wedding paradise.  We spent the evening with what was meant getting to know each other, (where they taught me what REALLY happens during bull riding, something Leslie witnessed once inside a bar) but the three of us felt like we had been friends for ages.  Since Hawai'i was also an important guest at their wedding, they were thrilled to schedule a couple's session along the coastline by their hotel, and we were blessed by the warm light of the islands and crashing December waves, way bigger than any swaying wheat in Oklahoma.  ;)


Leslie & Ben, ya'll are funny.  And awesome.  And did I mention funny?  Your kind, sweet energy towards each other (and me!) is heart warming. Ben, you jokes and brilliant sarcasm truly are unrivaled.  Even when I have to think about them for a minute.  License to grill?  Thank you, for smiling at my feeble attempts at humor.  The way you lovingly poke fun and harmlessly make effort at pushing Leslie's buttons is endearing.     Leslie, you're gorg, especially when the buried southern in you comes out!  Your sweet, gentle spirit makes everyone around you feel at ease, even when you point at them with your whole, cupped hand.  You guys have a timeless childlike spirit about the two of you, always keep it!