Marissa & Eddie | Maunawili Falls, O'ahu

I don’t even know where to start with this couple. Marissa & Eddie are a true partnership.  A team.  He’s sort of the ying to her highly spirited yang.  She admires him.  He adores her.  While she is enthralled by the clouds, dreaming of soaring the skies, and gently twirling in her skirt, he gazes in admiration.  A constant source of support for one another, Eddie shows strength for the two of them.  A dreamer and an idealist, Marissa is knowledgable and talented.  (Uhh, HELLO, and freakin GORGEOUS).  Logical and real, Eddie supports their ideals and pushes them both to dream big and do bigger.  I say “they”, because with them it’s not two individual lives, they make it one.  Making funny faces and running through the rain, they bring out each other’s youthful and carefree selves!  They laugh and poke fun at one another in ways that only genuine couples can do. The way Eddie calls her “Marissa” in her true namesake, accent and all (Mah-REEsah, gotta get all Mexican with it!).  He says something funny, then laughs at himself, throwing his head back and tossing his arms in the air.  The sheer sight of his excitement creases a full-on laugh onto Marissa’s face, bright smile and scrunched nose, doubled over, pointing towards him and catching her breath.

These laughter exchanges happen often and are fun to witness.  Often times, they catch me too, which makes them so fun to be around.  They share their dreams, aspirations, fears, and some times camera gear (Marissa puts Eddie to work!) to make up one of the most perfect couples I know.  Clearly so proud of one another, Eddie & Marissa embody a genuine, loving, and everlasting companionship.  Seeing them together makes me melt.

Marissa & Junior (Yeah, I got ‘chu like that!).  I know we haven’t even known each other a year, but I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!  It’s true.  Marissa, you are such a fabulous glitter loving friend and cheerleader with a strong head and a HUGE HEART.  Clever and witty and so dang pretty that it’s just not fair.  ;)  Junior!  I value and respect your genuine compassion and authentic sensibility.  Not to mention that authentic accent.  I know I make fun, but truly I could listen to you all day.  EAR MUFFINS!  It adds to your charm...and adds to our vocabulary.  ;)

There are friends that come and go, and there are friends that no matter where you are, you will always have by your side.  Ya’ll are those friends.  Happy six years!  It was an honor getting you in front of my camera and spending the day in the jungle with you!

I try to avoid discussing “lighting” and “location” with my clients the day of the shoot (we go over important specifics before), trying to make it less production and more of a fun day, but Marissa being a photographer and Eddie being awfully knowledgable in the sense, it was hard not to!  When we all showed up to Mauanwili Falls it had been raining, a steady stream of rain which, in Hawaii, is rare.  We decided that even without “the pretty light” we would take cover under the jungle canopy and shoot anyway.  I am thankful we did, because we had a BLAST and Marissa got what she secretly wished for...a notebook scene in the RAIN!  It was hot!  Okay, I may have deducted one point form the “hot” factor if you had of seen the trash bag covering my camera and the mascara running down my face, but I sure didn’t mind and they didn’t seem to notice.  Marissa asked Eddie to reenact the Notebook and he didn’t skip a beat.

“I wrote you every day, 365 days!!”

Hahaha.  Ya’ll are the best.