[Couples] Mary & Vincent

What appeared to be a stop over from their trip to New Zealand turned out to be an ironic bit of reason to celebrate. Mary spied Vincent over years ago at a friend's birthday party.  She thought he was strikingly handsome but in typical girl fashion urged her friend to ask Vincent out instead.  It was after returning from a trip to Hawai'i that Mary came home to find friend in fact dating Vincent (who had previously and politely declined) and after sitting next to him in Algebra dubbed him a 'friend by default'.  Vincent's relationship with their mutual friend was short-lived, and after several weeks of prodding (and declaring Mary was not, in fact, a 'rebound'), Mary accepted his courtship.  They have been together seven years this May.

Hearing their relationship, I couldn't help but giggle.  He is sweet and soft-spoken.  She is talkative and outgoing.  He is practical and logical.  She is artistic and "off the wall'.  He lives for Baseball.  She's not sure how much more she can take.  Are we living parallel lives?!?!?  Hailing from Columbia, South Carolina (Palmetto state, holler!) Mary actually went to school with one of my Best Friends, Kathryn.  Small world, right?  It was a trip to New Zealand to tour the country side (and maybe some Lord of the Rings locations) that brought Mary and Vincent across the Pacific and landing for a few days on the islands, where I got to hang out, roam, talk in southern drawls and enjoy some company with strangers who felt like close friends.  Mary & Vincent--what can I say?  I like ya'll! I'm so happy we got to spend some time together while you guys were enjoying the islands.  What a fun, happy, spontaneous and smiling bunch you two are.  Down for anything and full of laughter, you guys make a great team.  Happy seven years, this time Mary you're leaving Hawai'i with your man.  ;) xo