[Couples] Yasmin & Sal | Hickam Beach, Hawai'i

Her light sparks a glimmer in his eye.  A grin spreads across his face, and right then and there she practically melts. They laugh and they play, he teases that she's the star, but to her, he's the expanse of the moon and the skies.  She's vibrant and personable.  He's dapper and thoughtfully spoken.  Together, they're each other's perfect compliment. When I first met Yasmin (in person...because via the internet I knew, just KNEW this girl was my new favorite) she and I talked like great friends who had never skipped a beat.  And when I asked her to tell me more about Sal, she took a deep breath, slowed down our ceaseless chatter, brightly smiled, and told me how they came to be planning their December wedding.  From their "Despicable Me" halloween costume to how they spend their evenings together, stories of these two are fun, carefree, and perfectly romantic.

Yasmin & Sal, YOU TWO ARE--- "BOOM"!  I don't know if I have laughed so much during a session in my life.  Minus the fact that you two are flippin' INSANELY HOT together, you really have that something.  Thank you for your friendship, the "omg I can't breath" laughs, and for getting in front of the lens and trusting in me.

And Yasmin, as you sit at your new NEWS ANCHOR DESK in Oregon, know I am over here shedding a sad, sad tear that my new friend left the island.  BUT, there are always trips home to visit!  I wish you very best in your new adventures on the news, the absolute best for for the two of you, and so much fun in wedding planning!


BIG UPS to Crystal Pancipanci of Panci Style for Make-up and wardrobe styling.

Details & Styling:  Ashley Goodwin (that's me, silly) with the help of Marissa Rodriguez and Crystal Pancipanci

Go "behind the scenes" on this fun shoot with this video!  OOoooOO!