D.6 Local Grindz: Lanikai Shrimp Shack

There's something about the island food around here that's so intriquing. I haven't quite figured out how to describe it, but it's a mix of cultures and mystery (as in "why would they want to eat THAT?") and for an adventurous "foodie" like me, I never get tired of the options and interesting menus. The 'Plate Lunch' is an island staple, usually being a meat (Chicken Katsu, Spam, Pork) with a side of rice or potato salad. When we first moved, the most perplexing a la carte dish (other than the endless flavors of SPAM) was garlic shrimp with the shell still on. Served up with two scoops of rice, of course. It's funny, every time one of Marshall's friends come over for dinner they want rice! "They're all "where's the rice?!?!" and no matter how much I try to explain "We don't need rice, we've got other side dishes!" they still scurry around in my cabinets and pull out the rice cooker. It's just unheard of to have a meal without rice! I love the food around here, the customs, and trying out different cuisines.  This particular shrimp truck roaming around Kailua is my current favorite, leaving me craving it all. the. time.  Nothing beats sitting at a picnic table by the beach munching down on some local deliciousness.  It's ONO!  BROKE DA MOUTH!  (All words for "yummy".  Isn't that funny?  HAHA).

Lanikai Shrimp Shack truck, filmed with the help of my great friend Marissa Rodriguez, who sadly did not partake in the eating festivities because she is cruelty and murder free.  But she was kind enough to get video.  I don't make fun of her, she knows I love her lots.

Ps:  The shrimp was for dinner.  STOCKIN' UP!  I'm not that much of a heifer, although I did tell you I love the place.