The second time I ever hung out with Danica was when our mutual friend Carlo came to visit O'ahu. Practically everyone knows Carlo, and when he told us he wanted to head to the gastropub to meet up with Danica who also lived here I said "wait, Danica lives here, too?!?" I had met her once or twice several years earlier that feel like another lifetime ago when I was fresh out of Highschool and Carlo and I had become friends. Pulling out chairs and circling around the table, the group of us exchanged conversation and relived our Virginia memories (seeing as though myself, Marshall, Danica, her (and now our) friend Claire and visiting Carlo have all lived there). I listened to this soft spoken, gentle and downright freaking zen girl speak and thought "this isn't DANICA! I remember her...she was loud and liked to party and....this can't be the same girl...".

We laugh about that story now, as in fact she is the same girl, still a whole lotta fun, just a heck of a lot more centered. She's one of those people who can happily move somewhere they've never visited with just a suitcase and within a week be making ish happen--because she has done that, about 3 times now. She's now one of those friends that no matter where either of us go, I know we will always continue to cross paths--and love one another.

Danica, I love ya girlfriend. I am grateful for our beach days spent talking the entire time, many odd adventures kayaking, camping and wandering Waikiki, yoga and God talk, and most importantly your sincere spirit. You truly are a one-of-a-kind. A little bit of an an angel with so much love to give. I am oh so excited that your wild heart has found a new home in San Diego and see absolutely NOTHING but the best for you as you follow your dream of yoga with cancer patients.  But, we sure do miss you and your hippie beach blanket and flute over here.  ;)  xo

Up at Banzai Pipeline the tides have a tendency to create this beautiful sandbar on parts of the beach. It comes and goes, and when it's there, it's a true gem. We had the luck of getting a pool by the ocean AND some big ole waves. Perfect for yoga moves on the beach--and getting unexpected HAMMERED by surf. ;) Sorry I didn't warn ya, girlfriend. IT WAS TOO FAST (and I had a camera to worry about you know... ;)  BAH).