Define success.

There was no need for us to look at the menus.  We had done it a dozen times before.  As we split plates of sushi at our favorite restaurant Nikko’s, there was something I hadn’t done before.  Over a glass of wine across the table I leaned in and asked him, “what do you want to do with your life?  Like, really?”.  Without hesitation he belted out “I just want to help people”.  Stunned, I put down my chopsticks and looked at him in awe.  How have I never known this before?  There are many things we don’t share, like our individual orders of delicious fried rice and deodorant (alright, he doesn’t like to share that.  I could care less if he used my Sauve...) but how did I not already know that the man I was about to marry had the same exact idea of success that I envisioned?  He may want to accomplish his as a baseball mentor, but I was ecstatic to know that as a whole we both had the same ideals of “success”, so we could motivate each other to get there.  I knew this man and I were perfect for a reason. Recently I’ve had many discussions with family and friends about their ideas of what is successful and have come to the conclusion that for everyone, the definition varies greatly.  Some plan to raise beautiful, healthy families while maintaining a steady career while others plan to conquer the world.  There is no right or wrong answer, and no clear path.  I, for one, ache for a career in photography that allows me to be creative, spend the best moments of client's lives with them, enjoy family and travel, and meet stunning people along the way.  But at the end of the day, motivating others to seek what drives them and live it to the fullest is what I yearn for.  For me that career foundation is built not by following what other people do and don’t do but listening, learning, exploring and growing. Implementing motivator's ideas and strategies to fit into my business.  My dream.  I want to build a business and life that I love and harness the resources and passion that encourage others.

My heart overflows with belief in so many other people’s talents, including my own, that I just can’t help but sign up as their personal cheerleader.  My mother has the talent and know-how to be the best wedding stylist I know.  Aaron Meredith has the voice and charisma for radio (and luckily not the radio face).  Carlo Capizzano has so many clever ideas that I want him to pursue them ALL!  Del has the overwhelming passion to be an insanely talented photographer.  My sister has the ambition and love to knock out gorgeous Southern style photography.  Rebecca Armstrong writes to the likes of  best-selling authors, and Marshall has the experience, drive, and love for the game to create the next Derek Jeter out of a little leaguer.  Seeing all of the creativity in the world and different ways to pursue, I want to be one who inspires individuals to tackle it to the fullest.  Because I believe in it.  I believe in passion.  I want to build a successful business, and I want to be happy.  But in the end, I can only hope to help encourage someone else to chase their dreams.  That, to me, would be the ultimate goal.  Because we all deserve our own version of success.

Being able to spend a night at Nikko's indulging in my own bowl of fried rice without scavengers is a great success. U.S of A.

What’s your idea of success and how will you know you have gotten there?