Designer in me.

We had attended an Army briefing about Hawaii.  Sitting at a round table next to Marshall and surrounded by soldiers, my mind began to wander.  And wander.  And wander.  Soon enough I was back in High School where my teacher was on a topic, peppered with acronyms I was oblivious to and I was doodling on the back of a form I undoubtedly would be instructed to fill out and return at the day’s end.  Little settees in rooms adorned with chandeliers, studded tables, and abstract art.  I drew over and over, what, to anyone else would be the equivalent of scribing your new married name.  “Mrs. Ashley Woods”.  “Mrs. Ashley Goodwin Woods”. “Do you miss interior design or something?” He snapped me out of my daydream.  “All those little drawings.  Do you miss it?  They’re really good, actually.  Really good.”

“NO I don’t MISS it!  It’s just all I know how to DRAW!”  I responded, a little embarrassed, quickly starting a new sketch.  This time of a girl in a wedding dress.

“Is that a fur she’s wearing?”

“Yeah, well, I messed up her arm soooooo....”


We both giggled and I went off to playing tic-tac-toe, but the truth was interior design will always be in me.  It was there, long before I went to school for it, way back when I was 8 and supposed to be having a sleep over but wound up rearranging my friend’s bedrooms.  It’s here now, when I walk into a hotel and admire the way they’ve “done the place”, noting the mix of teak wood with clean whites and metals.  This cabana would be amazing in our new backyard...when we get one...I wonder how you make it...Not just seeing spaces as interiors, but more so inspiration.  How I can use that outdoor bed at our house, but also how I’m strangely attracted to these colors and how they would be great for my brand.  And those lantern compositions would be awesome for a wedding.  This whole PLACE would make an amazing reception! I like a little bit of it all.  Interiors, graphic design, culinary arts and fashion design, but I’m no Calvin Tran.  My interest is sparked by all these creative ideals and a wedding is one of the only places that all of these elements get to come together beautifully.  So it’s not that I miss interior design, it’s just that I’ve found a way to enjoy it all.  Design and the inspiration I get from it will follow me always, just like my love of photography.

A few digital shots of the Modern Honolulu hotel. The first hotel we stayed in when we got to Waikiki and I love it!  It's got a great, luxe but cas (yep, I said it) Miami vibe.  I'd love to have some trees in our yard that we could line with lights.  It creates such a lively atmosphere.

I could be out by this pool all day.  A chill vibe that's comfortable but sophisticated enough to make you feel fancy.

The giant lanterns paired with potted plants would be an interesting, romantic touch to a beachside (or dock!) wedding.  And those ferns on the wall were cool, reminded me of my mom.  She loves a fern!