Visual Comparison: Digital vs. Film

Film film film, I love film.  Been harping on that for quite some time now, huh? While I continue to shoot digital at my weddings and some of my shoots, I often find myself going on and onnnnnnn about why I love film.  "The color!  The framing.  The ROOM FOR ERROR!  And did I mention you send it off and forget it?".  While most are met with much excitement (with the bridesmaids below saying "oh, FILM!  You're like, LEGIT!"  (HA!  I doubt simply shooting film would dub one legit but I'LL TAKE IT!).  But for me it the differences truly aren't understood unless I see it.  Don't get me wrong, there are times where I still see my 7D images (which are soft and tend to be a lot more 'filmy' than most other bodies I have shot with--not sure why, must be the love it's seen over the years...perfectly seasoned.  ;) ) and think "OH!  I love this!  Maybe more than film?"  or see a round of bright and grain free reception shots captured on a shiny Canon Mark iii, getting into my head that I need one of those brand new cameras, too!  And then I get back my Contax scans and fall in love.  Deep, deep love.  WITH ALL OF THEM!  I can't tell you the last time I looked at 16 images in a row shot digitally and loved every single one of them, even the underexposed and blurry.  And you know WHY I tend to love film more than digital?  Because I thought about them.  Hard.  Real real hard.  It wasn't 'shoot shoot shoot' it was something I envisioned, or saw across the room and it moved me, or a shot that I throughly inspected before I hit the shutter--a shutter, mind you, that makes dollar sign sounds every time it fires.  Cha-ching, cha-ching.  (technically digital makes the same sound when fired at rapid speed, you just don't hear it until you're sitting in front of your computer culling them).  When I shoot film, it's a lot slower, more methodic, and a lot more romantic.  And the depth of field always blows my mind.  So while I continue to transition from shooting mainly digital to mostly film (mixed with digital--my second shooters will always shoot digital as well) I continue to fall more + more in love with the craft that is looking like a doofus holding up a light meter and changing out rolls of Fuji ever 16 shots.  Everyone has their own medium that suits them, and I happen to love them all!  Gorgeous, brightly lit new Markiii shots or cool hipster Pentax images.  I am just happy to have found my medium of choice, and to me, it's worth it.


A few comparison images from Jenna + Tony's wedding.  These Contax shots didn't make it to the blog because I was so eager to post their wedding that I wasn't patient enough to hold out for the film--it only took 5 days to develop and they are, in fact, my current favorites.  Doi.  So now, I wait for the scans.  :)  And please note these shots aren't all exactly the same pose--there are slight changes in them, mostly for the better.  It's a quirk of mine I make effort to shake, but when I shoot digital I get a little camera happy and have to remind myself to slow down and instead of shooting THEN perfecting then shooting again, I perfect BEFORE I shoot with film.  The digital images are completely unedited (GASP!  OH GOSH!  Don't judge! ;) ) as are the Contax.  The Contax images are slightly more underexposed than I would like, but I still love them.  You can see the differences in color, depth of field, my eye when I slow the heck down, and my favorite--camera format/crop.