Disconnecting | Ko'Olina & Hawai'i Photographer

Studies have shown that workers are more productive when they are less active on their cellphones.  I for one can attest to this, as nothing makes me feel more anxious than the blingggg of an email received via my iphone.  I should have known the impact it would have on my life when Marshall and I got our first shiny devices together.  The minute they touched our hands, we waltzed through the mall, gazes on our phones unwavering, and didn’t put the new toys down until later that evening.  It was a sign of things to come.   Always afraid I will miss a beat, an important email, or  really just scrolling instagram during my free time out of sheer habit, my phone is constantly in my hand.  Well, was.  That is, until it started to drive me crazy.  So many technologies made to "make our lives easier" and, if you let them, just make life harder!

I remember being in France for 3 months, without a cell phone (and a guide who encouraged us to during the MySpace age to “not be on the computer the entire time you are here”) and it was fabulous.  Freeing!  I wasn’t worried about who’s call I was missing, and emails were answered when I returned from town.  There were meaningful conversations over dinner with friends and a renewed sense of observation and enjoyment.

Advances in technology encourage us to be NOW NOW NOW, but somewhere in there, it became easy to forget to actually be in the now.  I am reminding myself to put the phone down.  Enjoy the present.  See what’s around you, and enjoy your friends that are standing right beside you.  Take a photo of the sunset, but don’t interrupt your conversation to post it now.  Sharing it 45 minutes after it’s dark won’t kill anybody.  Not to mention it’s not so nice. Give those little texting fingers a break.  If you’re an addict, replace it with a cocktail instead and let the fun begin.  If you feel like staying connected even on down-time is essential to your brand, then fine.  I won't fight you on it because I am sure your argument is totally legit. Try to establish some limits.  You don’t need to stop your hiking to check-in at the top of the mountain.  Something about technology in those spaces just ruins the moment for crying out loud!

Now that I’ve started to disconnect and consciously put away my cell phone it’s like someone has removed the veil from in front of my eyes and I see the world again.  Silly, I know, but after having my eyes behind several bright screens all day long, the light from the sun is welcomed.  The emails can wait.  After all, that’s why God made Monday, right?


Still working on getting Marshall to disconnect.  WILL EVERYONE PLEASE HALT ALL GAMES OF WORDS WITH FRIENDS WITH HIM?!?!?  ;)

What he says I look like.  If that's true then I'm a sexy beast.

He hates having his picture taken.  HELLO.  Your wife is a photographer.