Distractions | Bellows Beach, O'ahu

A lunch break with Marissa that involved cheap-o bodyboards (she had never been!  Clearly she must have never visited Myrtle Beach, either...), medium sized waves that took us out, and her point-and-shoot canon wrapped tightly in an underwater bag.  No business talk, zero stress or worry, just two friends back at Bellows Beach, taking photos with the "Blue Crush" soundtrack playing in our heads, high-fiving when we caught a break strong enough to push us fully onto shore.  We were like, so legit.  Taking photos (and video!  HILARIOUS!) in the crystal teal water I realized I am much like our dog, Napoleon, who also suffers from anxiety.  Just give him a toy and quickly he's distracted, the fear of you leaving him alone long gone.  My distraction is a camera, put one in my hands and everything else fades away.  In the wise words of my hero Juvenile, he get it from his Momma.  One step closer to conquering my wave fear! Hip hip!  Anndddd thennnn it took me out.  Back to square one.