Doing what no photographer wants to do.

Get a part-time job. (Sayyyyy whhhhaaaaaa?)

For most entreprenuers getting out of a job that you're not passionate about and jumping into a full-time business of your own is the end goal.  A light at the end of the tunnel.  But for someone like me who is new to a location and in essence rebuilding a clientele base I'm realizing it works slightly in reverse.  Something that's not so easy to come to terms with.  There's no doubt that for months I have been working hard brainstorming, shooting, and putting into motion a rebrand of my new island self but there comes a time when one has to decide to stop struggling and start doing.  I battled internally with the thought of getting a part-time job on the island because of fear.  Fear of what it may do to potential business and how people may percieve working a part-time job in addition to shooting weddings as "not quite there yet" (HEY!  I beg to differ!). I have been at this point before and had enough business to venture full-time, but I had to accept that I am not in that position anymore.  I've picked up and started from scratch.

Now I have to say screw how it may look to some, because in reality it IS what will get me where I want to be.  And right now it's the only way.  I could sit back and say it's all good at home while I secretly yearn for a 5DMarkiii and Contax 645 to appear on my doorstep wrapped in a bow,  or I can shake the struggle and make things happen for myself at all costs. Sure I could get a job and not tell anyone about it, pretending to be magically growing my business when really I am busting tail behind the scenes.  I thought about it, but what good would a fake facade do?  Or I could just be open and honest and share this side of running your own business, the not so easy decisions to make but worth it side.  Working on the side will allow me the extra dinero to use for everyday expenses so my income from photography can be invested back into my business.  That's the only way it will grow quickly.  It will only be part-time, so contrary to my fears it will not take away from scheduled working and shooting times.  And it's crazy and hard to believe after sitting in an office by myself all day, but there's like, a workforce out there with people who socialize and put make-up on and go to work!  Did you know that?  Haha.  Having the opportunity to get out and meet people around the island will be an incredible experience for a newbie like me.  Not to mention I may meet some clients, you never know!!  I just met a caterer at the beach the other day!

So I released the fear, created and sent in resumes (a skill? It's been a long time since I have done one of these. Is "pinning" a skill?), and attended an interview several days ago in which I nervously committed the biggest interview faux paux and admitted a real strength and weakness, not pretend ones!  Oh heavens.  For all that effort I received the news that I was accepted for the job and am now a proud member of the Aloha Beer Company!  YES.  ALOHA and BEER.  Sounds perfect, right?  I am so thankful I could cry!  Not only because I put myself out there but because I let go of the fear and accepted that getting a job was not as scary as working hard and doing what it takes to make my dreams happen.  And this is one of the steps.  Getting out there, meeting people, and making some extra moolah for shiny new lenses I've been coveting.  It's not moving backward, it's pushing forward and moving my business to a whole new level.  It's doing what it takes to make it happen, and I am proud of myself for it.  In the end I will respect myself for my passion and determination and will never take my business for granted.


This is a great change, and I am excited that it will allow me the opportunity to be more successful at what I love to do:  photographing smiling, happy people!  I'm as tickled pink as Miss Brooklynn  right now!  :)


Recently I decided to specialize in weddings and engagement shoots, but when you love a family as much as I love the Weavers and their new addition has cheeks like Brooklynn, it's just impossible to say no!  Blogging Jill & Josh's North Carolina session soon!