Easily Managing Blog + Social Media Posts

Editing, blogging, filing receipts and organizing gear, on any given day there are seemingly endless tasks on all Photographer's to-do lists...and blogging (with respective social media shout-outs) is probably one of them. I'll be the first to admit, as much as I love and adore keeping my blog updated, it can be tedious. Okay fine TORTUREEEEE. Staying on track and posting consistently can be time-consuming while managing all those ideas can keep you busy for days! Considering most of the world is nearly complete with their workday when I first stretch my arms and roll out of bed here in Hawai'i (we are 6 hours behind the East Coast), I knew I needed something to better help manage my online presence. Enter: Coschedule. Oddly enough I found this helpful Wordpress plugin while scrolling Facebook--who knew those annoying ads would actually present something useful? The simple program lets you easily create, organize, and schedule blog and social media posts. JACKPOT! Best of all, it's all done from within your Wordpress account, so you don't have to leave your blog dashboard.  


Once the plugin is installed it lays out each month, integrating already published or scheduled posts as well as giving you the option to create a new one on-the-spot with the click of a button. One of my favorite features is the ability to drag it drop pending blog posts onto different days--it makes changes of blog plans ridiculously easy. Coschedule totally eliminates the need for that old school teacher style desk calendar I was considering (like, for real, I was thinking about getting one and a gazillion different colored highlighters. But who am I kidding, it would have just served as a doodle pad during phone calls). From the built-in calendar you can also schedule blogs (or other notifications) to post to your various social media outlets (Facebook Business Page, Personal Profile, Twitter, EVEN PINTEREST). No more multi-tasking - set it up all right there as you create the content - then feel free to catch a flight, shoot a wedding, bake cookies, clean your camera, FINALLY wash those dishes, answer emails, get paying work done or sleep in. Coschedule does the rest of the work for you.


The idea of being able to put all of these blog ideas to paper then easily schedule them across the week by just dragging and dropping makes my giddy! And as much as I love social media, it can really be a thorn in my side and I try to avoid it--so thankfully on days when I just feel like being in radio silence I can set my posts up to published without me and can continue enjoying my Facebook-free day. Whenever those are. Okay, fine, that one may be wishful thinking, but it at least provides the option if you're so inclined. Pretty cool, right? You can EVEN schedule your blog post's social media shout out right from the post's page with "Create Your First Social Message" like I'm about to do here:



I just started using it, but now I'm hooked and upgrading from my trial right meow. It's a simple solution for managing my blog and social media that my gypsy soul needed. Currently they offer a free trial, so go check them out!  Thank me later. ;)

**UPDATE** The day I made this post I found out they released a new feature that tracks analytics of your blog posts all right there. So you can easily see your most shared blog post, and track Facebook comments, shares, and pinterest re-pins ALL FROM THEIR SITE!

Also, honestly, I didn't know this until AFTER I wrote the post but they have a great referral program that offers discounts. $10/month for their service seems like a lot, but if your write a review you get 50% off, and additional discounts for any friends who sign up. Now THAT makes this worth-it program even MORE exciting!