Elopement: Jenna & Jason

Lots & lots of love went into  planning the backyard wedding celebration for Jenna Woods & Jason Country-Fulmer.  Jenna & Jason opted to have an intimate destination wedding in the Bahamas, so in her gorgeous flowy, white gown and his khaki shorts, they eloped on the beach the third week in May. Wanting to celebrate with a small gathering of friends and family, her mother Kristi (and my soon-to-be mother-in-law) put together a gorgeous ceremony and reception for them back home in Appomattox, Virginia.  Arranged with local garden flowers and delicious food grilled by the family, Jenna & Jason restated their vows in front of close friends and their sweet daughter Carolina on Saturday, May 21st, 2011.  There to celebrate their elopement, I snagged some photos (you know me, I can't just sit and not click!) to add to their wedding album!  It was a gorgeous Virginia night under the tent sharing details of their vacation over cake pops and moscato.

Jenna, you have found a great man in Jason and your sweet little munchkin Carolina melts my heart.  It has been an honor to spend the last few years apart of your family and watching your relationship blossom to a strong and fulfilling marriage.  I love you both dearly, just like a sister and brother, and am so happy you found each other!  Especially since that man can cook!  ;)





Labor of love.


My Mom came to help out for a little bit and let me tell you, her leafy touch made the tent look like the secret garden. It was perfect.  Thanks for the help, Mom!  Now go start a business!

Lora, Jenna's sister, helping with final lipgloss touches.