[Married] Emma & David | Diamond Head, O'ahu Hawai'i Beach Elopement

"This is it.  This is my dream wedding!" Emma exclaimed, seemingly floating above the fine sand in her soft lace gown.  David was the last gentlemen to sit across the table from Emma at a dating event who turned out to be the man she would marry.  A dreamy beach wedding to the man of her dreams.  Excited to share their love and commitment with friends and family but also anxious to fulfill their vision of an intimate vow exchange of just the two of them, David & Emma celebrated with a destination wedding in Costa Rica.  Emma, being the lawyer that she is, knew that their marriage wouldn't be legal in another country, so decided to take advantage of their honeymoon time jaunting between the Hawai'ian islands and post celebration planned an intimate and official ceremony between the two of them.  Just before sunset on a secluded and peaceful south side beach to the sounding of a conch shell, Emma & David became officially official right here on O'ahu, Hawai'i (and I got to sign as a witness! I've never done THAT before!)  David, in his dapper Massachusetts style carries himself with a warm  and genuine demeanor, always in tune with Emma's well-being.  Emma, elegant and beautiful, brightens the moment with her smile.  While he can't take his eyes off her, Emma melts into David's arms, the rest of the world fading away. Congratulations again, Emma & David!  Your ceremony was absolutely incredible, and you guys were adventurous enough to take in that stunning sunset against the ocean, for those fews blissful hours, it simply was just the two of you, wrapped up in adoration for one another, it was fantastic to observe. Thank you for being your genuine, amazing selves in front of my camera and for allowing me to be apart.  And let's give a shout out to the big man upstairs, God, for clearing the monsoon that hung in the skies earlier that day and for making sure your second wedding ceremony didn't get rained on as well!  Rain on both days=DOUBLE THE GOOD LUCK!  Doesn't get much better than that!  :)

Their coordination was provided by Above Heaven't Gate, along with an awesome Reverend Rich.