[Engaged] Desiree & Chad | Kailua, O'ahu Hawai'i Beach Engagement Session

It was during a Lady Antebellum concert that Chad had planned to propose to his love, Desiree.  Hoping for them to sing the absolute perfect song, he readied for his plan to go off without a hitch.  As the band began strumming, he handed the camera phone over to Desiree to "take some video" (and crossed his fingers that SHE would be the one recording his bended knee).  But Desiree quickly deemed her view "too far away" and insisted that Chad shoot the footage instead.  Foiled but not frazzled, Chad was thinking on his toes and during another song took Desiree's hand, led her out into the aisle (where this time she couldn't protest) and amongst the crowd, asked her to be his wife. She exlaimed yes, and the band played into their next set. Hearing their proposal story over coffe on a rainy day on O'ahu, I couldn't help but note the similarities within their relationship.  Having worked alongside Desiree (she is a wedding coordinator for Seasons of Life Events), I can almost see the wheels of strategy and logic churning in her head.  She is bright and intelligent with a strong head on her shoulders, Desiree had to have been thinking "But you're closer to the aisle, YOU can get a better view..." while Chad with his sweet demeanor and romanticised vision had planned for what he considered the perfect proposal during the perfect song.  For this alone they are clearly perfectly matched, and on the beach, he got to play to play her just the right song while the two of them cuddled on the sand, Chad strumming his guitar, the rest of the world fading from view.  He played Bruno Mars (by ear!!) and Desiree playfully tried to knock his concentration off key, gently plucking strings in between notes.  A beautiful little snipped into their light-hearted and romantic relationship together.  He plays, she sings, just loud enough for the two of them to hear--and that's all that matters.

Truthfully, I could'a cried during their session.  Hopefully without sounding pompous I can confidently say I really am lucky to always get to work with clients who I jive beautifully with, and my most recent couples including Desiree & Chad haven't been an exception.  They have upped the ante and brought me to tears during their evening together in front of my camera, reminding me that shooting two people in love is a whole lot more than just poses and pretty pictures.  When he started playing and Desiree carried a soft tune, I couldn't help but take a step back, watch, and tear up in awe as their magic together unfolded, carefully selecting my shots and giving them space to enjoy the moment they were making together--uninterrupted by direction and production.  Thank you guys, so much, for being so awesome and for allowing me to do what I do.  I can't WAIT for your wedding this weekend, and am excited on your behalf for your journey together as husband and wife in Japan!  KONICHIWA!  xo

"Barefooted beauty with eyes that blue

Sunshine looks good on you

I swear

...When you got a good thing"

-Lady Antebellum


Desiree's hair & make-up done by Gemina of Faith & Beauty.  Love working with the same clients as her!



I won't name any names, but sommeeeonneeee knows how to play "Party in the U.S.A."..... ;)