[Engaged] Emilee & Rich

When a boy in grade school pulls at your hair, your friends tell you he likes you, but you don't listen.  Odds are you secretly crush back, but you're kids, and life moves you on.  It's not often when that same lock-tugging boy grows up into a man and through a casual encounter years later, your feelings rush back and you find yourself in love. That's the case with Emilee & Rich.  A stunning couple who have started an amazing family (twin boys!  YES.  THIS GIRL HAD TWINS. Oh the insanity.) and have planned their laid-back, bohemian beachside wedding for next summer...which I am dying over.  Can. Not. Wait.  Hearing her wedding ideas makes my heart pitter-patter with glee! Spending many days in NoDa and nights at a local bar, Solstice, Emilee & Rich chose to revisit the part of town that brought them back together.  With North Davidson as their backdrop, Emilee & Rich recounted the start of their love story.  Their smiley, beautiful, gorgeous love story. Sealed with stacking gold engagement rings.  and beer.

They are so handsome together I can't even stand it.  Love!  Emilee & Rich, I mean it when I say, I can't wait for that Topsail Island wedding of yours!  I'll be flying from one beach to another! Absolutely love ya'll.




& PS:  Over a year ago, my sister, Sarah, got lost while visiting Charlotte.  Upon her return home, she told me about this "wall painted with people all over it" she saw and how it would be cool for pictures.  That same day, we drove all over town, together, trying to track down this wall.  For months I was always on the look out for it, sending her pictures of walls that could be it, never finding it.  Finally, I gave up on the wall-hunt and sited her crazy. While wandering NoDa, I ran across this new-ish mural covering the side of some buildings. Did I finally solve the painted wall mystery?!?!?  Say it ain't so!