[Engaged] Jenna & Tony | Bellow's Beach Engagement O'ahu, Hawai'i

When Jenna had not one but two different college roommates who knew Tony and suggested they meet, she should have seen the sign.  When Tony found a beautiful woman who not only supported his Medical school dreams but goes surfing with him, he knew he could check "meeting the girl of his dreams" off his bucket list.  So on the way to a group surf date alongside the rocky California cliffside lined with signs of his conquered bucket list items, he proposed. She said yes, and they went surfing.

Jenna & Tony's adventurous spirit and stability they bring to each other's lives radiates through the both of them.  She swears she is an introvert (which I don't believe one bit!) and paired with the balance of Tony's lively and entertaining personality, she shines.

I am so excited to photograph their Waimanalo wedding this June, it's going to be incredible!  I just know it.

They were so chill during our shoot that even during the spurts of rain that could have put a damper on our day, they embraced it and instead of worrying about getting soaked took advantage of some snuggle time instead.  For this alone, they are fabulous.

Jenna's make-up and hair by Gemina of Faith & Beauty.  Elegant and stunning, as always.


This!  Luckily I had my trusty blanket on hand during this shoot, and instead of using it for sitting, I handed it over for them to take cover during rain spurts.  And then, they went and did this.  I never could have told them to be so cute, they just are together on their own!  ;)