[Engaged] Kayla + Kaniela

Both originally from Kaua'i, they met during Hula class.  Yes, they hula!  They were youngsters back then, and Kayla's crush on Kaniela didn't waiver one bit, even after he got his driver's license and started choosing to fishing rather than practicing ukulele.  When she spotted his truck parked at the local fishing pier, her heart skipped a beat.  They hadn't seen each other in a long time yet the feelings still lingered.  Far past grade school and well into their careers, Kaniela can still be spotted fishing off the pier (or swimming with a spear off shore!), but now with his beautiful Hawaiian Princess by his side...the one he first loved. Kayla is beau-ti-ful (just look at her!), gentle, with gorgeous big brown eyes (killer freakin' HAWAII hair) and full of bubbly energy.  Kaniela first appears as the strong silent type, but truly is a softhearted gem, full of quick jokes and warm and tender towards the love of his life.  Together, they're the kind of couple that make your heart literally melt.  And peeps I can talk to way past sunset.  I am so so so SOOOO happy when I am graced such young, fun, fashionable and undeniably in LOVEEEEEE people in my life, and excited to work with these two during their vintage chic Sunset Ranch wedding.  Oh there beddah be hula!  Lots + lots of aloha for these two.  xo


Shot all in film.  Contax 645+ Canon 1-n.  Portra 160 developed at Richard Photo Lab.


When choosing their shoot location, I always encourage couples to choose a spot that is meaningful or feels innately them.  They both loved two locations: a mix of asparagus fields in the North Shore helped recreate the laid-back, untouched feel of Kaua'i and the Marina just before sunset--paying homage to a place by the water where they spend most of their time.