[Engaged] Lauren + Kawika

The wind whipped through her hair as she hung tightly to his hand, pulling him along each curve the swings sent them on, giggling (and shrieking) as the carnival ride propelled them high into the humid evening air, never letting go of one another. Growing up on O'ahu, Lauren and Kawika met as teenagers. Keeping communication through college and dating long distance spanning San Diego to Hawai'i (and several 'he's going to pop the question' false alarms throughout the years), Kawika made it official with the help of several covert friends on top of Lanikai's famed Pillbox hike when he took Lauren by surprise and asked her to marry him. Outgoing, bright (literally--Lauren spends her days at the Cancer Research Center of Hawai'i + Kawika at Bank of Hawai'i) freaking cool and full of genius ideas these are the people I am grateful to spend my evenings with. Can we be friends for-evah evah? The two couldn't think of a more perfect place to spend an afternoon together sharing cotton candy, spending way too many quarters to wind up with a rubber ducky and reliving their teenage years than Kawika's former high school's fair: the ever popular Punahou Carnival. With their whimsical themed wedding approaching this summer, Lauren simply exclaims "He makes me feel like a kid again". By the handsome smile on his face, it's safe to say her radiance does the same for him, too.  

Shot on film.  Contax 645 + Portra 800 | developed at RPL.

Big ups to Lauren + Kawika for being oh so chic and styling themselves up fabulously with some of the best ideas and big BIG ups to B for coming along, toting my bag, and being the best balloon holder a girl could ever ask for. xo