[Engaged] Nicole + Jimi

The two met at work.  Both creative in their own right, Nicole loves painting + photography, while Jimi is a master craftsmen, enjoying woodworking and putting the finishing touches on their wedding details.  She is lighthearted and spontaneous.  He is intelligent + rather entertaining.  Their affections grew via Words With Friends, spelling out an incredible story.  Traveling from San Diego California, had Jimi proposed to Nicole on the west side of O'ahu at the Hawaiian Princess Makaha on a family vacation and they planned their nuptials two years prior to their anniversary, laying ink to the pages of their exciting new lives together.  Their wedding was just a few short days after, and as you can see, these two were as cool as a cucumber.  Relaxed, blissful and clearly head-over-heels in love.  Hand-in-hand, they are the type of couple when together can simply be.  While taking moments to enjoy the scenery and appreciate the surrounding beautiful of O'ahu, Nicole + Jimi were grateful for an hour together to bask in the dream of their soon-to-be wedded bliss.  + real effin' cute while doin' it.