[Engaged] Rebecca & Nic | the Modern, Waikiki, Hawai'i

His hand atop her knee, he sweetly glanced into her brilliant eyes.  Gently smiling to one another, they held each other's gaze for a split second, and with a small witty gesture, Rebecca had Nic buckled over in laughter.  They spent the evening in that energetic back and fourth, sharing secret jokes and silly faces, keeping each other consistently entertained.  Never a dull moment, Rebecca and Nic are a lively and playful match.  And prettttyyyyyy dern good lookin' together, too!  Rebecca claims she is professional and reserved, but through Nic's poking humor, she lets loose, insuring we are always giggling at something.  Adventerous and down for anything, Nic enjoys making others laugh and is clearly proud to call this gorgeous and intelligent woman his fiance.  Together they are a fun and vivacious pair, teaming up and without a second thought choreographing joint cheesy looks and having a blast doing it.  Visiting O'ahu with a group of friends from Michigan, we shot their engagement session in Waikiki at the Modern, a perfect mix of nautical beach chic.  The two spent a laid back evening lounging on the cabana beds and roaming the white beaches, enjoying a glass of red wine (some of their fav) and each other's company. Rebecca & Nic--ya'll are fun.  And are NATURALS in front of my camera.  Your infectious laughter and playful spirit are what I enjoy most in front of my camera, thank you for trusting me, being yourselves, and looking so damn good doing it.  Come back sooner rather than later!  A desitnation weddings sounds preeettyyyy fab to me!  xo