[Engaged] Sage & Abel | Kaneohe Engagement O'ahu, Hawai'i

The moment Abel laid eyes on Sage from across the bar, he was enamored.  The two had mutual friends, and the more she came around, the harder he fell.  Finding himself frequently wanting to be by her, he was willing to quickly change his plans if he found out Sage would be there.  Little did he know, the gentle crush was in fact mutual, and Sage had noticed him long before.  Eventually the two decided to actually plan a date between the two of them, and while living in San Diego, soon fell in love.  This past Christmas season on a trip to New York, next to one of their good friends who has been along for their relationship journey, Abel proposed and presented Sage with a some beautiful, sparkly bling.  Hawai'ian beauty Sage is originally from Kailua, and the two of them decided to make the leap over the Pacific and start a new journey together as on the islands as they plan their upcoming sure to be uber chic wedding. Young, fun-loving, and gloriously stylish, together these two make my knees weak!  With his charm and quiet wit, Abel shines with pride to have such a gem as a fiance.  I mean, the girl could be Miss America for cryin' out loud.  And Sage is even moreso honored to be in the arms of such a thoughtful and entertaining (and handsome!) gentlemen.  Set against the grand backdrop of the Koo'lau mountains, these two are simply majestic together.

Get ready-- they WORKED IT!



How people are allowed to look this incredible, I will never know.  ;)

Until this very moment, Abel had never been in a hammock before!  See, that's what a shoot with me will do, open you up to brand new experiences!  You're welcome.  ;)