Life on 6 second repeat | Enhancing your brand with Vine.

I can't quite recall all of the absurd details, but last night I had a dream that included a beach house, a random mix of friends from middle school, trying to find the best way to hang on for dear life while in the eye of a tornado, and Jenny Mollen, the wife of American Pie star Jason Biggs, living in the house next door in which I peek my head out with my iphone and call out to her "Jennnnyyy, I'm Vinnnnnninngggg youuuuuuu". (I thought she'd think it was funny, considering she is quite the Viner herself.  She is rude and crude and mind-blowingly shocking, I wouldn't suggest you follow her.    Wait, what you are doi---- don't---oh, you did it.  You added her.  Well, you're welcome).  All of this randomness thanks to Vining before bed. If you haven't already, check out  Vine.  It's a fun and quirky little app from the owners of Twitter, designed for 6 second video posts.  It's kinda like instagram with video and the world hasn't quite caught on yet (so here's your chance to snag up your perfect username!) It's a fun way to really to get know your friends (and their cats.  And dogs.  And vacations.  And family. And babies. and Cats), get snippets into your favorite celebrities lives even more you crazy stalker (watching Brian Atwood galavanting into the Met ball while I'm in my best yoga pants makes me so jelly), get cool make-up and fashion tips from your favorite brands, learn DIY from Martha Stewart weddings, feel like you didn't miss out on Coachella, and most importantly, showcase your brand!  Hoollllllllerrrrr.

Just keep in mind: what goes on the internet stays on the internet... for like, ever.  I'm guessing all those 420 kids are going to regret their cloud filled posts in the next few years.  Hey, you, yeah you.  We can see your face.

I once heard a photographer who I admire say when it comes to your brand everything your put out there should be amazing.  Whoa.  Wait, what?  Yes, EVERYTHING.  I mean, think about it.  Chanel won't put their name on something they aren't proud of, so why should we?  What we do as artists, how we live our lives is a direct reflection of our brands.  Why?  Because we ARE our brands, a walking, talking, representation.  The good news is, you can adjust your social media & Vine style to fit your personality!  So if being real and posting photos of your life at home, your cat, boozing up on vino and watching Real Housewives in your jammies is apart of  making clients feel like close friends and is apart of your aesthetic post all those cute purring kitty videos!  Vine is a great tool that is social and undeniably addicting and if leveraged to blend with your style can be a genius marketing tool. The best part is, you don't have too think too hard about it--your brand is the core of your being and what you are attracted to will naturally reflect that.


10 ways to enhance your brand with Vine:

1.  d.i.y tutorials:  supply a dose of inspiration and how-to: i.e. creating a photobooth backdrop, make a garden bouquet, apply textured buttercream at home.

2.  Share trade secrets:  offer up personal expterise: photography settings, style a table vignette like a pro, picking the perfect wall color.

3.  Behind-the-scenes:  A glimpse into your profession & life: a typical work day. exclusive events, fashion shows, clients on a shoot, the design to creation process.

4.  New products:  Feature new offerings & their details: Wedding albums, new shipment of decor, a favorite new vendor’s designs.

5.  Favorite local spots:  Post local knowledge of cool places to shoot a session, get fancy cocktails, celebrate an elopement, get a hot dress for the night.

6.  Client testimonials:  Create trust & feature raves straight from the client’s mouth! High-fives post shoot, foodies thumbs-upping their cuisine a bride exclaiming “this is the one” in her new gown.

7.  Exclusive invite:  Explore workshops, concerts, and tradeshows. Show audience bits of exclusive trade happenings that only you are allowed access. Display favs from bridal shows, conferences, furniture markets

8.  Glimpse of life: The morning routine that gets you going. The cat that rules your house. Give your stream heart & in turn your brand a face.

9.  Client ideas:  Offer ideas and personalized tips. Stylized “how you wore it”, outfits for an engagement session, picking the best gown for your shape, the best food trucks for receptions.

10. Creativity:  You’ve got clever ideas, otherwise you wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing. Stop motion. #Magic. Showcase your expansive talents & entertain your followers with humorous or neat-o posts. (Just don’t be Dane Cook & make jokes. You’re not funny anymore dude.)

Don't forget to include useful hashtags on Vine, it allows for others to get access to your videos and stream.  No more of those ridiculous run on sentence hashtags. #guiltyascharged


Great examples of Brands on Vine:

the Knot:  they give glimpses into bridal couture, fashion shows, and behind-the-scenes looks for Brides & Creatives alike. this is glamorous:  All things romantic and pretty, she posts videos that look as though they jumped right off the pages of her blog.

Urban Outfitters:  They have a hilarious way of showing off their newest products.

Man Repeller:  I've always wanted to be an NYC power girl, and she makes me feel like I'm apart of her clan.

the Beauty Department: Make-up, nails, and shopping.  Need I say more?

Rue Magazine:  Love it.

Tim King: Tim's Vine's are just as clever and adventurous as he is.

Jenny Mollen:  Okay, fine.  I already told you I stalk her.  She is ridiculous and I can't look away.  Don't judge.  The best part is, her dirty mouth and outrageous posts are apart of her brand.  Kinda like Honey Boo Boo and sketti it just goes.

And if you want to know what's up, follow me on Vine: @AshleyGoodwin