[Events] Shawna Robinson Events for Kelley Earnhardt & L.W.Miller III

First & foremost let me start off by saying how much I love Interior Design.  Love. Love. Love.  I love it just as much as I love the art of photography, which is why working the two of them together fits me perfectly.  I have had several incredible experiences through both arts, and have gotten the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing people, and I couldn't be more grateful.  A while back Beth, the owner of Lucy and Company , (aka my boss lady ;) ) began teaming up on certain projects with Shawna Robinson, the gorgeous "First Woman of Nascar" and Owner of Happy Chair.  They've worked together on several occasions, one being the stunning Nursery for Nascar driver Ryan Newman we featured on the blog a few months back.  Shawna has just began a new division of her brand and now offers high-end, custom designed event planning services!  Let me tell you, this woman has so much creativity and know-how it's insane! In January, Shawna asked me to come along to photograph the designs one of her (again, Nascar) client's weddings.  I have to be completely honest, and don't yell at me:  I don't know the first thing about Nascar.  Yes yes, I know.  Charlotte fought so hard and is now home to the coveted Nascar Hall of Fame.  Yes yes, I know, it's a great sport,...but I am clueless.  When Shawna propositioned me with such an opportunity, I was elated, not on behalf of her clientele, but because of her talent.  I have seen first hand what she can dream up (have you not clicked through her Happy Chair link yet? You will want to invest immediately) when she described several chandeliers that she custom made for the event, I just had to see them for myself (It's the Designer in me).  I invited Sarah along for the occasion because, well, a wedding with camera in hand just isn't the same without both Goodwin Girls.  While we charged our batteries, cleared our memory cards and, in typical fashion, quized each other on the big questions, like "What are you going to wear?" and "Boots or flats?", we had butterflies in our stomachs, for good reason.  Sure, I may be clueless about Nascar, always joking with my friends that "with all of the famous athletes and celebrities in Charlotte, I wouldn't know one if they walked right up to me, shook my hand and told me their name".  It's true.  I wouldn't, and have in fact proven my point in real-time.  "Oh, so you play football?  That's cool.  Where?  Oh, for the Panthers?  That's here in Charlotte, right?"  (okay, I'm not that bad, but close).  But this time it was especially exciting because as oblivious as I am celebrities that don't have the last name Kardashian, I do recognize and respect the last name Earnhardt.  Yet in this situation, such a name doesn't just say "Family of a late Nascar LEGEND that everyone adores, even myself" but more-so of a "great style, great taste, working with Shawna, this is going to be a gorgeous wedding. I have to see what she did with those chandeliers." surname.  And we did.  And it was more stunning than I could have imagined.  Shawna translated Kelley Earnhardt & L.W. Miller III's wedding day visions into a spectacular event, held at the Charles Mack Citizen Center in downtown Mooresville, N.c..

A huge congratulations to Kelley & L.W., sending well wishes of an utterly blissful marriage, and even more well wishes to Shawna with her new division.  Your work is incredible, I hope you have a large staff on hand because your event planning will be skyrocketing fast, I am sure of it!  Thank you to the newlywed Miller's for allowing us to photograph for Shawna, and so many thanks to Shawna herself for thinking of me!  It's a privilege to work with you!

And those chandeliers! Thank you to those too, just for being sparkly.


Event Design & Planning: Shawna Robinson

Catering: Tasteful Impressions

D.J.: One Stop Live

Event Rentals: Cooke Rental

Flowers: Willow Branch

Cake: Icing & the Cake