Expect Nothing | Shoot Every Day

Lots of times I go into a day, a week, or even a session with a "vision".  An idea of what I want to do or say, or even shoot, and how I want to go about doing it.  I get a vision and sometimes can let that get stuck in my head, potentially missing out on the more organic.  I do this a lot with clothes.  I design the PERFECT outfit for an event, then ride all over town trying to pull this wardrobe together from nothing, or trying to find a low, seafoam dress with sheer sleeves and a low back that is intricately beaded with rhinestones and crystals that simply doesn't exist, because I made it up in my head.  BUT IT IS IN MY HEAD IT MUST EXIST! ;)  That dress sounds pretty fab though, I must say.  You make it, I'll buy it.  You're welcome. On Labor Day, after a beautiful time spent hanging out with Marissa & Eddie relaxing on the beach and snorkeling the true depths of Shark's Cove (I wouldn't go far. WHERE'S MY NOODLE??!?! I need an adult), the sun was just passing behind the trees, casting a golden haze, I couldn't wait to get under the icy cold beach park shower, one of my *new* favorite things to do.  YES.  STRANGE.  Almost "vagabond" status.  Just get me a tent and a clothes line and I am good to go.  I LOVEEEEE showering off at the beach then wrapping up tightly in my towel and driving home with wet hair.  It's refreshing. Okay maybe it makes me feel more legit surfer status. So I see the light, the water gushing from the metal shower pipes, and beg Eddie for the keys to the car to dig my camera out of the trunk. Poor Eddie, he had to deal with BOTH Marissa and I (and CAMERAS!) that day.  He deserves lots of margarita mix and Home Depot gift cards.  "THIS is my shot for the day!" I thought.  My favorite thing, the shower!  I scrambled to the car hoping to not miss the light, envisioning how I would line up my shot.  And when I got back, it was nothing like I pictured.  The shower head was just a rusty old pipe.  The water didn't cascade out, it poured. And then the pretty golden light dipped behind a tree branch and everything went blah.  It wasn't anything like I had grandly framed in my head, per us. LEAVE IT TO ME TO THINK A SHOWER HEAD WOULD BE FABULOUSSSSS.  I took a few frames regardless and tried to make it work, but quickly chaulked it up to a loss.  I even made Marissa get BACK under the icy water for one of my photos...and then...I'm not even posting it.  Because just a few moments later, the clouds wisped overhead, a sailboat swayed across the horizon, and my shot was there.

Lessons learned:  Start expecting nothing from your day, things will happen organically.  Less thinking, more observing, Ashley.