Exploring Hawai'i: the Road to Hana

We woke up at an explicit hour, prepped our backpacks and ventured for the airport.  Seats secured on the first outgoing flight to Maui, my sister Sarah and I planned to have no plan.  As we struggled to remove the top from the Jeep that was awaited our arrival, we purchased several overpriced snacks, turned the GPS to Hana, and planned to stop at every lookout on the way.  Our day on Maui was exceptional, with just enough time to make it to the town of Hana and back before sunset, taking mini waterfall hikes, chowing on Glen's coconut ice cream, walking through true pitch darkness of lava tubes (in which we thought it would be hilarious to run full speed ahead through, scaring the crap outta everyone touring), scouring black sand beaches, and having a late lunch in town.  We were fortunate enough to beat the rain as we headed back into Paia, grabbing espressos and a sampler plate for dinner (oh, you didn't know, she + I did what we dubbed an 'eating tour of Hawaii'), wandering the charming shops just before catching our late night flights home (in which I fell asleep sitting straight up). It was a fabulous day trip to Maui + one I would highly recommend to my local friends!  :)


All shot on film, duh.  Contax 645  |  Fuji 400h | Developed at Richard Photo Lab

+ danggit, excuse the photo sizes, I resized them incorrectly.  wamp wampppp.