Eye Candy

"Yep, just like that!  A little closer, okay, a little closer..."-- I suggested, taking a step back-camera to face- with each direction I gave.  With my last backward motin I dropped my Canon to peer over my right shoulder, wondering what was behind me when suddenly I went from seeing groomsmen to a everything blur.  It was 2:30 PM and a plant as tall as me had caught me smack dab in the right eye.  For the rest of the wedding I continued to shoot until 10:30 PM (soon to find my fatal mistake), rubbing my eye and patting it with a tissue throughout the evening  From the moment I looked in the mirror and saw my swollen eye I knew it wasn't good, but the last thing I was going to do was my Leah's + Lane's wedding day about my eyeball, so I avoided talk about it and assured anyone who asked that it was "fine, fine, really, it's fine!  I am sure when I go to sleep whatever is in it will find it's way out!".  4 A.M the next morning and tearfully unable to sleep, I knew something wasn't IN my eye but had injured it.  Four days later, 2 E.R. visits and one Doctor's visit, my right eye socket is red and painfully teary, sensitive to light and what was a corneal abrasion turned into a corneal ulcer--i.e., an open sore on the cornea of my eye is now infected because I didn't get it taken care of.  As I hope the pain meds will finally kick in and I beat myself up for not taking more control over my own health, I find many life and business lessons in this (because really, when all you can do is lay there with your eyes closed all day, you think about a lot of stuff).  So take it from me--take care of yourself when shooting.  And MOST IMPORTANTLY, slow down and watch where you are going!  Shesh! But wait--I said I had my eyes closed, right?  So how I am typing this?  No, I didn't finally convince Marshall to be the assistant I've always wanted, but with just enough pain meds and my glasses I can see enough out of my left eye to get this typed.  But not for long...I feel myself slipping off the side of my desk chair...into a med...induced...coma....ha!  And please excuse any typos...I'm practically bling I told ya!  All jokes aside, it is THE most painful (and scary!) injury I've ever had and I encourage you to be CAREFUL WITH YOUR PRECIOUS EYEBALLS!  Worst part is I can't even watch quality reality TV programming while recooping.  CAN'T SEE THE DERN THING!  I'll have to just hear Teresa Guidice nagging and picture the scene for myself.

My eye is slowly healing, and thankfully I don't have any shoots until next week (shew!) so I can focus on recovering.  And until then, I will enjoy this bit of eye candy that came in--Demin + Grace's new July issue featuring....wait for it...your's truly!  Invalid milky eyed Ashley Goodwin!  HOORAY!  A bit of delectable iPad candy was just what the eye doctor ordered!  ;)

Check it out here, along with some incredible Photographer's featured--jam packed full of all sorts of pretty images from talents across the U.S., great ideas from professionals, and pretty, pretty layouts + spreads.  What else could you ask for?