[Family] Keri + Brandon

  Keri + Brandon, originally from O'ahu, have been living in California (indulging in the luxurious of delish food + ikea shopping!) for the past year as Brandon is in Pediatrics.  Along with their new 9 month old daughter, I was excited to be able to photograph them for the holidays while they visited family on island.  I mean, just look at their daughter's squishy little cheeks and legs--how could anyone ever say no to that face?  Yep.  They can't.  :)  Keri + Brandon--what an ADORABLE family you have (+ great pitch singing Elmo's song!).  I love meeting such kind, loving, and downright sweet people (with fabulous, infectious smiles), and you two take the cake!  :)


Fuji 400h rated at 100  |  Contax 645  |  Richard Photo Lab