[Family] the Bucks | North Shore, O'ahu

While visiting O'ahu for the third (or was it fourth?) time from Texas, this time with their four year old daughter Marley, I had the utmost pleasure of photographing the Buck family.  A vivacious, outgoing clan with a great spirit and a whole lotta love. And southern accents!  FINALLY!  Someone who understands me. Married for over twelve years, Cynthia and Nathan (not to be confused for Mark) harbor the energy and affections for each other of the teenagers they were when they first met.  I was enamored with watching their daughter Marley keep herself entertained throughout the leisurely afternoon, gathering seashells and picking flowers, arranging the leaves into ingenious bouquets.  She'd promptly hand over her favorite beach finds to her parents for safe keeping and show off her floral bundles. I couldn't help but giggle when I knew without a doubt her parents had to have gone home with pockets chalk full of keepsakes.  Genuine and friendly, a family who you've just met but makes you feel like you've known each other for years, I enjoyed every minute I spent roaming the North Shore sharing coconut drinks with the Bucks. Cynthia & Nathan, you need to take Marley's advice and "just sell houses out here"!  :)  It was an absolute pleasure meeting you both, thank you for sharing your warm, southern hospitality.