[Family] the Kimis

Several months ago the Kimis scheduled me for their family photos.  Unfortunately wet season in Hawai'i gets tricky as unpredictable rain, wind gusts, and strains of the flu can make change plans.  Fortunately the Kimis are an relaxed family and with some flexibility I was able to get them in front of my camera for one of my last lifestyle sessions.  I have since decided to specialize in weddings and engagements, but when families are as awesome as this and kids are as freaking cute as this, it makes me ecstatic that I get to spend an evening running around, shaking plumerias out of trees and swinging along the beach with them.  There truly is something so fun about photographing kids, you don't have to tell them to be themselves, they just are, and that's what I love.  When families and kids are spontaneous and carefree in front of my camera it jives perfectly with my shooting style, capturing jumps and giggles and blurs of tradewind swept hair as they brush by. When they first pulled up, the first thing surf riding Riea said through her two missing teeth was "I wrote a book, let me read it to you!" and from then I knew these kids were a good time.  I mean, how can you NOT love a kid who wrote a book about playing in the surf and sand on your shoot?  Veronica and Phil, you have the most precious of girls, and that's obviously because you two are awfully good lookin' yourselves.  I mean, really!  What a handsome family, geeez.  The sheer LOVE everyone has for each other is apparent, you can see the joy these girls bring you through your smiles.  These little munchkins are as friendly as can be with big hearts and even bigger imagination and spunk.  And look at how much these sisters love each OTHER!  Laughing and playing, sneaking off and secretly plotting together, these two are total teammates.  All light-heartedness and not a care in the world, revisiting the Kimi's session images made my heart smile.  Veronica and Phil--you two are great people and phenomenal parents, and your daughters are the sweetest kids with so much life and character (and charm!).  I kinda sorta love them to pieces.  You guys make me happy and I am thrilled I got to spend the evening documenting your bright-eyed family!  I just want to hug and squeeze your neck so tight!