[Family] the Kims

  As I often explain, in order to give my wedding couples exclusive service I limit the amount of shoots I take on within the year and rarely photograph families (which is weird, because I really enjoying getting them in front of my camera!) however this season I was feeling the Christmas spirit a la Cindy Woohoo and decided to offer a few sessions just in time for the holidays--and I couldn't have be happier that I did!  Melissa, Wook + Leo are a family that...well...I just can't say enough good things about.  Melissa is an entrepreneur with the biggest heart and is truly passionate about the people she meets and seeing them succeed--which goes for her husband Wook as well!  An incredibly ambitious Marine with a heart of gold, he once canceled a trip into town with his family to save my sister and I from a dead Jeep battery.  Now THOSE are good people.  Their son Leo, as you can see, is just about as fresh as they come, forever dressed to the nines and clearly on his way to being a mini genius.  In his fitted cap.  Poor Leo had an eye cyst that day, but it didn't put a damper on his swag.  I don't ever think I've seen that boy cry--other than on the internet.  #reasonsmysoniscrying.

Melissa + Wook--you two are incredible.  I am honestly always thankful for you love, support, and straight up generosity (+style in front of my camera!  BRING IT!).  I am appreciative I met you and grateful to call you friends!  You guys are truly once in a lifetime people.  xo