[Family] the Mccashs | Bellow's Beach O'ahu Hawai'i

When I met up with the Mccash family, I knew they would be a whirlwind of fun.  Not only were they visiting family in O'ahu from one of the greatest cities ever (Manhattan--duhhhh), but Sarah is the sister to one of my favorite Creatives, Shilhi of Passion Roots--dead giveaway that this fam would be an awesome, energetic bunch!  Doused with impeccable style, they were all totally flexible as our session was rescheduled due to rain that "rarely happens in O'ahu!".  Thankfully God parted the clouds the second time around out on Bellows Beach (Sam and Sarah wanted less "Hawai'i beach", more "lush trees") and sunlight trickled in for a solid hour and a half, turning the woods into an enchanted forest and illuminating this already brilliant family.  Being the only testosterone in a group of three beautiful girls, Sam holds his own and steals oldest daughter Khloe's heart, who legs tightly wrapped around his waist and tiny fingers clutching his collar is a Daddy's girl, sweetly refusing to leave his side.  While Summer, the chubby cheeked  omglookathislittleballofsquishycute newborn, wiggles and cooes, grinning ear to ear with dimples when her Momma sings her favorite tune.  Sam is noticeably proud of his group of girlie girls, most obviously his glowing wife, Sarah. Mccash Fam!  Ya'll are beyond fab!  I mean, Sam, look at your Burberry shirt.  And Sarah, your shorts.  YOUR SHORTSSSS!  From being super fun and chill  to laughing off  getting caught in the rain--TWICE--ya'll are a beautiful family with so much energy, kindness, and love, I can't help but not-so-secretly hope you move to the island!  ;)  It was an honor to meet you, and even more of an honor to make you all laugh.  Even if it was just at me, not with me.

And BIG UPS to Sarah's brother Sonny, who came along for comedic relief for the girls and wound up being a diaper bag carrying lifesaver!  :)


This is real and I adore it.