[ Family] the Tuiteolau's & next of kin

In between weddings I will on occasion accept select lifestyle sessions.  Some of my favorites moments have been being able to document carefree families during a laid-back trip to the island.  I know that planning a vacation takes time and effort, and clients want every moment with family or significant others to be meaningful and perfect, so I am honored when people choose to spend an hour or two of their precious vacation with me.  They could be stand up boarding or sippin' mai-tais but they chose to have their photo taken by me.  I want nothing more than for couples and families to have a great time, take their shoes off and enjoy the warm sand, brilliant sunset, and each other's company, not a worry in the world when in front of my camera.  Their session should be a good time, an extension of their fabulous vacations from work or school with some cool candid photos as a bonus.  And when families like Sandy's can all board a plane and venture from Southern California to O'ahu together and wind up loving each other even more, well then I am super excited to be apart!  Sandy along with her husband, son, mother, father, sister, brother-in-law, and niece spent a week at the beautiful Disney Aulani and while they were in town I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with them.  

Sandy, your family is FAB.  So welcoming, carefree and full of love (and wisecracks!) for each other, it's insane!  The women of your family are beyond gorg with warm smiles and the men ain't so bad themselves.  ;)  Thank you for rounding up the kids, having a good time, and being yourselves.  I am thankful I got to meet your family's uber cool generations!


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