[Family] the Yamauchis

  Meet Erica, Noz + little miss Isa -- a fun bunch with cool names originally from Chapel Hill, North Carolina (heyyoooo!) and residents of O'ahu who have been together for twelve years.  TWELVE YEARS!  GAHHHH I love it.  With her warm smile, Erica is vivacious, fun and full of heart as she works as a social marketing director for a federal grant for Hawai'i girls with emotional trauma while Noz is busy working' on people's grills running his own practice in endodontics (or practicing his seasoned soccer moves--I hear he's got skill).  Young travelers who adore the island + beaches, little Isa has an affection for Hello Kitty (who doesn't?) and  has been on over 15 flights!  I am always grateful and in awe of the people I get to meet through this incredible business venture, and the Yamauchis are no exception.  Sweet, playful and full of love, these three have a bit of child-like wonderment that I admire.  And man!  What a well-behaved daughter they have!  I could just eat her UP!

Erica + Noz--thank you for hoping in front of my camera this holiday season.  It was a pleasure getting to photograph your stinkin' adorable family and even more fun to get to know you better and share great conversation over dinner.  I like ya'll!  :)


All film.  Contax 645 + Canon 1n on Fuji 400h.  Developed at Richard Photo Lab.


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