Farm to Table.

Sometimes you just see things and want to capture it exactly as is.  The placement.  The gentle light.  The vision of a soft focus with perfectly pasteled color.  That's how it is with me and my Contax.  I realized that for years the way I have been seeing things was out of the format, frame and zeis lens glass of a camera I had yet to obtain.  From now on I'll always use the gear that best captures what I'm picturing in my head, whatever camera that may be with.  I'm forever learning it's not about the latest and greatest but the equipment that makes your individual vision come to life.  As I'm always growing and my photography eye is always changing-- I just wish I had been wise to this sooner. A bustling Saturday at the KCC Farmer's Market, O'ahu Hawai'i.

Shot on Contax 645  |  Fuji 400h  |  Developed by Photo Vision