Faunah + Zach

She dropped her bags at her new dorm and headed up the hill to join a party on her first day of college. There, she met Zach, where he boldly declared his admiration and together in Texas the two have been inseparable ever since. This past spring while visiting San Fransisco Zach romantically proposed to Faunah at the Fairmont Hotel, managing to completely take her by surprise, continuing to sweep her off her pretty little feet. Next year they will dance and toast under the stars in Newport, Rhode Island but for now I had the pleasure of celebrating with them as they spent some time on Kaua'i. Stunning, charming and full of southern grace, this handsome duo had me wishing for longer days and more light. I mean, could they BE any more perfect?!?! Nope, absolutely not. Faunah + Zach-- wow wow wee wow! THANK YOU for being your good lookin' selves in front of my camera, for tediously location scouting and blindly trusting my "mini hike to a beach" spot. I absolutely positively loved every minute with you guys and could take pictures all of you all day every day. How can we arrange that? I happily accept payment in the form of giant, sparkly pear shaped rings... ;)

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