Favorite Christmas Decor

Yesterday I put on my best yoga pants and met a friend for coffee at Target.  What women in their right mind meet for coffee at Target, I don't know, but clearly we have issues.   As she strolled her red plastic cart around the store, pre-Starbucks, I witnessed the lingering black friday deals and brightly lit holiday cheer of buy one get one half off slowly start to take over her cart.  In our reluctant dash towards to register where I promised I wouldn't let her forget what she originally ventured into the store for "staples" I repeated..."don't forget staples"...immediately forgetting staples, we passed by another friend knee deep in kitchenware.  As Emily proudly hung her about to be hers ornament wreath atop her face, I realized I should probably get started on this whole decorating for Christmas business. Every year I try to do something different, reflecting my ever changing style (I say my because as long as the tree isn't falling over Marshall is happy).  Here's a collection of a few of my favorite details + looks this season:


Floral Wreath  |  Leafy Table Runner  |  Envelope Advent Calendar   |  Pom Pom Stocking  |  Confetti System Ornaments  |  Pom Pom garland  |  Black + White Tree Topper Bow   |  Mega Bow