Ff | How to carry film during a shoot

This morning I slept in late, gently and slowly rolled out and bed, stiffly walked downstairs, feet groaning in pain and am in taking copious amounts of dark roasted coffee to nurse my mini wedding photographer hangover. I had a Thursday wedding at the Halekulani (yayyyy for weekdays!) and would be lying if I said I didn't consider just skipping blogging in lieu of lounging. But #FilmFridays are my favorite, and yesterday I tried out a new style that pretty much may be a lifesaver so I'd be straight up selfish not to share. Always on the lookout for handy items to make life easier (I'm the queen of trying to find the perfectly functioning bag for every occasion) I stumbled upon a conversation thread on Facebook that sparked my curiosity: talks about using an apron on a wedding day. Yes...you're probably thinking what I'm thinking, "an APRON?!??!", I know. I like to keep things stylish and chic, my hair is already enough of a mess at the end of the day the rest of my body needs to be as polished as it can be. But when I remembered I had a thin, simple black one from my serving days hidden away, I figured "what the heck...I'll take it along..." And now, my life may never be the same. Tied tightly around my waist against my black dress, the apron was practically camouflaged. I had planned to use it for only the quick moving parts of the day but when I put that baby on it was too good to take off. There is a pocket for film, a place for exposed film, and a pocket for my light meter/tissues/bride's lipgloss, etc. I could even stash a lens in there if I wanted! (Which helped during the ceremony but didn't stay all day). B humorously noted out I can't call it 'my apron', and I suppose I agree, it needs a more stylish mention, but when I pointed it out to guests they laughed and said they hadn't even noticed it (maybe they were just being nice? Yeah...probably). Towards the end of the night I did think "I should take a photo of me wearing this" but my hair was already long gone--absolutely not a good moment for photos of Ashley Goodwin. If you're looking for something helpful to keep film on you during shoots, manage your little bits of gear, or just give extra pocket space without the expense of sore shoulders the next morning, a task apron is seriously a great option (opposed to those lens waist belts that look like bongo drums. Have you seen those?!?) Wedding vendors have the never-ending struggle balancing the sacrifice of style for comfort and function but it doesn't have to be that way -- I'm determined! You can look polished while still easily getting the job done. I doubt I will be wearing my apron with dresses that aren't black (I will keep my small studded + snake skin shoulder bag that I carry for those days), but these things are the bomb--kinda like a shoot-sac but lighter, easier to access, and without the painful always in your way strap that comes from a bag! And luckily fairly easy to find in tons of different looks. Here are some stylish photography options: (sorry gentlemen, if you don't wanna sport the apron guess you gotta stick to the bongos...)

Anthropologie Task Apron  |  Custom Aprons  | Cafe Apron | Simple black apron