Fighting for Freedom

They all conversed, perched on fold up chairs, beers in hand.  It was the Fourth of July and we were at Bellow's Beach.  The gang had decided to go local style and set-up shop at the beach, complete with tables, chairs, and Marshall's fancy grill.  The boys were coming in from a body boarding sesh just as more friends had arrived, and I was rolling up my blanket.  The celebration was just getting started and I had to leave for work. Sure, I may have been slightly bitter that I was going to serve up pints of cold beer at a bar as my friends indulged in them on a beach, but later it dawned on me that this is what it takes to reach your dreams.  Sacrifice.  Hard work.  Doing things that you may not love now to reach the dream that you do love.  You have to put in the efforts to earn your freedom.  And sometimes that means working on the Fourth of July.  At times I have to resist the urge to throw myself a pity party, but I know that in the end, all the hard work, long nights, and struggle will be worth it and I will look back and know that I am stronger for it.  And my business will be, too.  Getting to photograph couples and be creative in my own element truly is a luxury, and it's an honor to be asked to be apart of their lives.  I will always be thankful for that and will never ever take that freedom or honor for granted.


Some shots from the morning of Marshall and his friends boogie boarding.  But don't let them fool you, these waves were a solid two feet tops.  ;)


A local pot-luck staple, steak got it...RICE!

Reminding myself to keep that fight in me and to never let it go, like a little green army man.