Film Fridays

There are a multitude of things I am passionate about, champagne for instance. And Jesus, of course. Jesus probably should have been first in that statement. Yoga, finding just the right pair of short shorts, and having a business that you simply love. For me, that undoubtably includes shooting film for both professional and personal use and to be quite honest even with the resurgence of the medium, it's like everyone is doing it but no one is talking about it. Who decided it was a secret society, 'cause it ain't. Film was, after all, how people learned photography in the olden days (ha!), so there are no true secrets surrounding the seemingly myssterrrriouussssssssss shooting style, you can just pick up a book from the late 90's from the local the library (okay fine, Amazon), but it does tend to feel like a lost art with no trace of current information. As if the people who figure the mysterious out don't want to let you know in fear that other people will start shooting it, too, and they want to keep it all hipster and rare, like the fabulous spots in Hawai'i. Good grief, if you only KNEW the amount of times people here instagram a beautiful location hashtagged #secret it would blow your mind. It does make it giggle, however, being as this place IS an ISLAND and with some persistence one can easily figure out all the gorgeous local and hidden tide pools and hikes, and honestly when you act like it's top secret and you're the only cool one who knows it only encourages others to figure it out forthemselves that much more. And they will. Because again, it's an island. Same thing goes for shooting film. 

The information may not seem as readily available as it once was, and having the perspective and expertise of others is something that greatly helped me when launching my business and learning the ins and outs of photography. I'm excited for a new shall we say installment on this very blog titled "Film Fridays". I've got a laundry list of things to explore, techniques to cover and film stocks to compare and am oh-so-excited to share the medium I adore. Mark your calendars, the kick-start to your weekends are about to get a whole lot more exciting. ;) (You've got a whole week left 'til Friday while you sulk in last night's episode of G0T).

In the meantime if there's something you want to see in upcoming posts, put it in the comments below!  xo