Finding Purpose.

I sat outside at the small, round iron table, rain slowing starting to trickle from the awning above. It was a busy evening and the only available table. Lips painted red, small gift perched in front of me, I waited to meet a potential wedding couple. Mid instragram scroll, a voice cried out from across the sidewalk, and before I could glance up a myriad of 3 surrounding voices started questioning me all at once.“Your HAIR! What do you do to it? It’s so pretty and shiny!” ‘Thankkkkkk you! Umm, I straighten it? Well, it’s not mine, I color it with---” ‘Are you a celebrity?” ‘Ha! No, but I’ll take that thank you very---” “You look like one! I can’t remember her name, Ohhhh, that’s going to drive me nuts......” “What do you do?” “I am a wedding photographer! I am actually about to meet a potential client now.” “Ooohhh that’s awesome! Good for you!”

And as one of the women scribbled her name and number onto the back of my business card for me to text her the name of my hair color, she began praying for me. Praying for my success, and for the abundance and prosperity of my business and upcoming meeting.

“AaaaaaMEN!” we all pronounced in unison. Hey, I can always use an extra prayer! After facebook friending me on the spot, showering me with a few more generous compliments that blew my head up to the size of a Geronimo balloon with a pretty tassel on the end, then declaring to tell all their friends about me, we bid each other ado.

Their chance encounter caused me to begin to think differently about "purpose" and finding mine. When it comes to my photography, I have a clear direction of my purpose. I know how I want to hopefully have an impact on people’s lives. But when it comes to photography as a Christian, I wonder if those ideals are enough. I used to scoff where I would hear contestants on the voice explain “I just want to use the gift that God gave me to touch the world...” by singing Chris Brown?!?! Good call.   And after meeting these three women who in a matter of minutes touched me through simple talks of life and by forming a connection, I thought maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s enough. Maybe a purpose doesn’t have to be a grand sense with a clear path, maybe a creative field can be a vessel just to be able to impact people. To share your story, or to simply impart some generosity and love.

The scuffle of approaching slippers against sidewalk broke me from my analytical mind. “The girl from the Other Sister!!”

I get that a lot.


While you are off gathering your own thoughts on purpose (and then hopefully sharing here!) I give to you, a sunset! OooooOOooo, ahhhhhhhhhh.