[First Look] Jessica & Ralph

We absolutely love it when a bride & groom decide to shake up tradition and opt to do a  "First Look".  It may becoming more prevalent in weddings now, and many photographers have written amazing posts on the pros of seeing your future hubby before the ceremony, but Sarah and I wanted to share some of our favorite images from or most recent First Look with Jessica Duty & Ralph Polley, married at the Montpelier Arts Center in Virginia. Sure, traditionally Brides and Grooms stay under wraps until the "big reveal" of walking down the aisle, but seeing each other prior, in our opinions, adds an entirely new and exciting emotional experience to the day, helps ease the jitters, and pads in extra time for photos so you can enjoy your cocktail hour instead!

With the wedding Sunday, Ralph waited in front of the cottage while Jessica surprised him from around the corner.  Having an intimate moment where it is just the bride and groom (and some stealth photographers) gives them a minute to soak it all in and enjoy the fact that you are ABOUT TO GET MARRIED!  OMG! The moment can be as long or as short, as giggly and fun or soft and sweet as the couple would like for it to be.  They dictate the experience and pace and we are there to quietly capture it.


Ashley & Sarah

Ralph, patiently waiting for his bride-to-be. Us women like to keep you on your toes.


AH!  I just love this!  Their expressions say it all!