Five past noon.

I sat down and planned my attack.  After 15 minutes, my iphone had as many blaring alarms waiting to sound as Guantanamo Bay.  (Does that place still exist?  Whatevs, you get it, my phone is constantly blowin' up with alarms now.) Pleased with myself and my new found 'self-discipline', I let the phone slip from my hands and turned up Keeping up with the Kardashians.  No amount of cognitive therapy could shake this habit.  LEAVE ME BE!

"There.  Now I will have a routine, andddddd a friendly reminder.  Hmph."

10 minutes later my phone was buzzing to tell me it was time to go to sleep.

Even with 21 alarms set to "maximize the hours of my day", I still feel like there are never enough.  I even have an alarm set to tell me when to look up from the computer screen, grab a snack, and take the dogs for a ten minute walk.  I don't even know what to say for myself other than clearly I am craving routine.  Let's see how long this will last.  ;)

Funny how when you work for someone else you can't stop watching the clock, but when you're the boss you find yourself wishing time would tick slower.  Unless you're like Snooki and you "don't speak clock language".


I'm always entertained at the way I take my jewelry off and leave it around the house, little, shiny, subconscious vignettes if you will.  The coffee table, the kitchen island, and the bedroom dresser, my piles of glitz (not to be mistaken for glitz-y!) wind up everywhere.  HAHA.  OH MAN, did you see that episode?!?!  Groooosiieeeee.