I had found his work via Myspace.  The dark, tangible contrast.  The amazing, electrifying tones.  I was convinced he was the real deal, THAT was what true photographers were made of.  So in 2006 when he showed up to the Comedy Club I served hot wings and pina coladas at , I about near fainted. 'That's HIM!  That's the photographer I love!".  He sat at one of  my tables and as I gathered my courage and took his order, I stumbled over my adoring words.

"I---I--I like, love your work."

His lips smugly formed an I get that a lot smirk and ordered a cocktail for his girlfriend in a manner that let me know he must be the toast of Charlotte.  Determined my favorite creative would stop to listen to me for just a second I mentioned "I'm a photographer too.  I'd love it if you take a look at some of my stuff."

He nodded and turned a cheek, clearly uninterested in my fan status, and continued his more important conversation in the section dubbed the wings.

As promised I sent him a few of my proudest images--one of which being a sunset, photoshopped to orangey perfection.

His response?


That was when I realized  in his silence I probably wasn't that good.  Or I needed a new camera.;)  But as time has ticked on, my technical skills have far improved (right?!?!?) and my passion has never wavered I realize I will always look back in retrospect and think "I wasn't that good" when really, I kinda was.  It's like old photos where you were skinny but in the moment thought "man I am a little creampuff!" and years later you think "why didn't I just appreciate how teeny tiny I was then"?

That's the beauty of it, really.  If we were always satisfied all personal growth would come to a halt and our cycles of creativity would cease to exist.



The sunset, titled "The Heavens Cry for UVA" (it was taken in Charlottesville, Virginia after an upsetting defeat by Virginia Tech).  I was so bruting and deep, huh?  ;)  BAH!   I'll let you take a minute to laugh at that one.

Okay, you done...?

And even if he, we will call him Bird that comes from the ashes, didn't think it was a good image I actually wound up framing it in one of my old apartments.  Sure I may cringe and want to bury it back into the depths of the internet where it came from but whatevs.  I'll own that blue sky.  Funny thing is, I wound up freelancing for the same company he did just a few years later...BOOYAH.