Heaven knows I love a lot of bling. Jewelry, sequins, colors and glitter. TOGETHER! More is always more, and nothing can be too "flashy" for me. Except, well, when it comes to FLASH! Or Donatella Versace. She's just ridiculous.Getting a good, natural look with flash can be tricky!  I battled with my external flash for months, avoiding it at all costs and only hooking it up when absolutely necessary.  Thanks to several opportunities second shooting with both Mille Holloman and Rachel Barker, I picked up several techniques that changed my views on flash and helped me confidently approach the dance floor!  It all depends on the look you are going for, but if you are interested in incorporating a mixed, natural lighting ambiance into your images, hopefully this technique helps you out, too!



From what I've been told, Eneloop are, by far, the best batteries for flash.  & Rechargeable!

Also, a way cool direction to incorporate light trails into your images from Erin Oveis Brant (see her reception examples here).
















(Photo by Erin Oveis Brant)

From the words of Erin, here's the How To:

-point it directly at subject, no diffuser (you'll have to play around with amount of power output depending on distance)

-make sure there is some light source behind them (chandelier, dj lights, candle, whatever) if you want those light trails

-set your iso between 400-800 depending how much ambient light you want

-set your aperture around f/16

-set your shutter for no less than a 1 second exposure

When you fire at your subject it freezes that initial motion and then you have the rest of the exposure to move the camera around, creating all of those fun trails. Extra bonus if there is fog or a smoke machine for extra moodiness.

Thanks to everyone for the tips with flash! If you have any to share, please, for crying out loud, do tell!