Florida in film.

In September I joined Marshall in Florida for the All Armed Forces Softball Tournament he was playing in with the Army (a huge honor, btw) and while there, tried out some film with my old school Canon t50. (Wait, can we reverse and go back a minute to revel in the fact that the field he was playing at was directly next to the beach?  If I'm expected to cheer at softball games, then I'm gonna need some sand & suf! ;) )  I'm still getting the hang of shooting film, picking different brands of film for different looks, and getting the exposure on point, but here's a look at some of the scans I just got back.  Processed at Richard Photo Lab on the Noritsu scanner, but I can't for the life of me remember the film.  To me, the color seems a bit "mucky"-er than I would like, so if anyone has any ideas or pointers I would love to hear!  Documenting my journey through film!  It may be the camera, although that camera is known to produce some amazing images, so it very well may just be me.  Not the bright, pastel-y look I was going for, but hey!  Keep on keepin' on! PS: See that little crab?  He was cute!  All Marshall wanted to do was play with him and he wanted nothing to do with Marshall (& I quote, "All I want to do is play with you, crabbbbb! Why won't you play with me?".  So my husband kept sneaking up behind him and scaring him.  He's the tallest 8 year old I know. Poor Mr. Crab.  We taunted you so.


& PPS:  There were dead jellyfish covering the water.  Iyk, I know.  But does anyone know why?  Time of year?  Playing dead because they knew Marshall was coming around?